This Network has been designed to bring together an ensemble of travel blogs so that they are easier for you to discover and enjoy. 

All of the blogs in this network are linked by one important factor: their owners are passionate about travel.

The Travel Network will ONLY link you to high quality travel/landscape blogs. Thus, we aim to ensure that all of the blogs that are part of the network are kept to a very high standard to guarantee your viewing pleasure.


Please note:

Anybody can apply to be part of this network BUT your blog must follow these conditions:

  • TYPE OF BLOGS: To ensure the quality of the blogs of this network we are only accepting a kind of blog. It’s easy just to reblog from others, but we don’t think that makes a good travel blog. Rebloggers are not what we are looking for. If you’re not much of a traveler yourself, at least try to find some good photos to post (which also involves spending some time doing this). The proportion should be like 70% photos found on the internet (well credited, of course) /30% reblogged.  
  • You MUST be a travel/landscape blog. We mean TRAVEL/LANDSCAPE blogs. It seems easy, right? Of course, you can posts a different kind of posts, like design, architecture, or even fandom, whatever, but your main subject should be traveling / landscapes.
  • QUALITY over quantity – The Travel Network only supports blogs that are kept to a HIGH standard, well edited tumblrswith good themes is a must.
  • Your blog does NOT self-promote – you do NOT change urls or links, delete captions, etc. This is really important for us. Photographers deserve to be respected, so do not be one of those rude bloggers. 
  • CREDITIf you don’t know who posted a photodon’t post it, (don’t even reblog it). If you post photos, don’t forget to put the proper links on the source/click through link (not only in the caption – Give credit where credit is due).
  • Your blog must be ACTIVE - for example: a steady stream of postings and uploads

All membership requests are taken seriously so only serious applicants need apply. If you accept these conditions and would like to be part of The Travel Network – please contact us by clicking APPLY and telling us about your blog.

Please wait at least a week for the application process to pass before re-applying. Admins are running also their blogs, so it may take us a couple of weeks to check out your blog. If you don’t follow these conditions, you can’t be a part of this network.

Thank you.

The Travel Network.